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Haleyville Location

222 Security Road
Haleyville, AL

First & Third Saturdays - 9am - 2pm

Haleyville Store Hours of Operation:
Monday - 8am - 4pm
Tuesday - 8am - 4pm
Wednesday - 8am - 4pm
Thursday - 8am - 4pm
Friday - 8am - 4pm


*NEW* Shoals Location

1170 Hwy. 20
Tuscumbia, AL

First & Third Saturdays - 9am - 2pm

Shoals Store Hours of Operation:
Monday - 10am - 5pm
Tuesday - 10am - 5pm
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday - 10am - 5pm
Friday - 10am - 5pm

Prices so low, we can't put them online.

Family owned and operated for 30+ years and counting.

Southland Safes, Inc. is a full service gun safe distributor. Our large inventory of gun safes includes Fort Knox, Browning, Summit, Champion, Bighorn, Winchester, Graffunder, AMSEC, Dakota, Black Diamond and V-Line. Of course we carry accessories for all of our gun safes such as Dehumidifiers, Pistol Pocket Kits, Gunslingers, Door Rails and Interior Lighting so you can customize your gun safe any way you want it. We believe in customer satisfaction and strive to sell you only the best. Southland Safes, Inc. offers in-home delivery, drop shipping or warehouse pick-up to give you flexibility of delivery of your gun safe.

Sr. Airman Mark Forester

On September 29th, 2010, Senior Airman Mark Forester was killed in Afghanistan while attempting to save a fallen comrade. We hope that you find Mark's story a source of inspiration, patriotism and proof that heroes are real. Mark was a member of the 21st Special Tactics Squadron, Pope AFB, NC. His website is dedicated to all Combat Controllers as well as US Servicemen, both past and present. We are eternally grateful for their service and sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy.

Mark Andrew Forester - JAG 28
(May 15, 1981 - September 29, 2010)

Customer Security Information

Buying a gun safe is a great decision towards securing your investments. Southland Safes, Inc. values our customer's security. Therefore we still handle all sales either over the phone or directly at the warehouse. We also accept email inquiries and respond to all emails but eventually we would like to talk to you before the sale of your gun safe is finalized. We do not offer e-commerce sales due the threat of invasion of security and we still believe in direct sales with our customers. We want you to be able to talk directly to us so that we can help you in all aspects of your gun safe purchase.

Do I need a Gun Safe?

  1. Do you have one or more firearms in your home?

  2. Do you have any knives or other collectibles in your home?

  3. Do you or your spouse have any jewelry in your home?

  4. Do you have any family heirlooms that you do not want to lose?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then you need to consider purchasing a gun safe.  Otherwise if you answered NO to the questions above then you probably do not need a gun safe. For more information on gun safes simply click on the gun safes link near the top of the page.



Protect What You Love

Please take a moment to learn more about our family business philosophy and the organizations we support.
Camp Patriot

If you are led in your heart to help and give back to those who have given so much to ensure our safety and freedom but you are not quite sure how to do so, please visit this site.

Camp Patriot

Hunt For a Cure

If you have ever thought about helping find a
cure for children then please look at this website.

Hunter's Dream

We Support Our Troops

Southland Safes has supported America's Troops since it has been in existence and will continue to do so. Please keep the men and women of our armed forces in your hearts and on your mind. Pray for their safe return and congratulate them on the great work they are doing to insure our freedom and safety.

If you have not yet joined, please join the National Rifle Association and help preserve our Second Amendment rights. If you have, thank you and keep up the good work.

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