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Southland Safes carries a large selection of gun safes for almost every need.  We have gun safes that range from the entry level to some of the most sophisticated and elaborate in gun safe protection.

Our gun safe lines include the following:

  • Bighorn (Select Stock) - No frills, old fashioned gun safes.
  • Browning - Discover the great indoors.
  • Champion - Full line of gun safes from entry level to Top of line.
  • Dakota Interlok-XP - Specialty safe that bolts together from the inside.
  • Fort Knox - Full line of gun safes from the granddad of safe company's.
  • Graffunder (Select Stock) - Heavy duty safes.
  • Summit - Putting Steel Back Into Safes
  • V-Line (Select Stock) - Specialty safes for unique locations.
  • Winchester (Select Stock) - Another quality product from a timeless company.
  • Liberty Safes - This is the newest addition to our brand selections.

With this many safes to choose from we should have a gun safe that will fit your needs and your budget.  We also service the gun safes we sell and have a long standing reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.  We offer several delivery options that range from in warehouse pick-up to in home delivery and also offer drop shipping by truck carrier.

Most people do not think that they can afford a gun safe and this is a myth that needs to be removed from society.  A gun safe is at the forefront of protection in the home or office.  What we mean by this is that most firearms are very expensive and are prime targets for thieves.  Just one robbery in a home can cost you several hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace.  So it comes down to simple math.  A gun safe can cost from about $550 to $12,000.  Most hunting rifles cost from $350 to $1500 according to the brand.  So if you have just two basic hunting rifles without accessories or scopes they will cost as much if not more than a quality gun safe.  Furthermore, most people who own firearms have several firearms that cost far more than the cost of a gun safe.  Also, a gun safe is not just for gun storage.  You can place valuables, antiques, jewelry and more in a gun safe.  So if you still do not think that you need a gun safe just take this simple test to see.  Simply answer the questions below and if you answer no to every question then you probably do not need a gun safe, but if you answer yes to one or more then you need to think seriously about protecting your investment.

Do I need a Gun Safe Test

  • Do you have one or more firearms in your home?
  • Do you have any knives or other collectables in your home?
  • Do you or your spouse have any jewelry in your home?
  • Do you have any family heirlooms you do not want to lose?