bighornlogoHaving your valuables protected against theft and fire is one of the major benefits of owning a quality Rhino or Bighorn safe. All Rhino And Bighorn fire lined safes utilize heat activated door seals and one or more layers of fire rated sheetrock to provide the desired level of protection. Since the vast majority of safe brands use sheetrock for fire protection we suggest you merely look at the weight of the safe and the thickness of the fire protection when comparing.

Bighorn Series

Fire protection levels depend on model but can be as much as 1200° F/70 minutes.
One layer of 5/8" thick fire rated sheetrock is about the minimum we would suggest if fire protection is important to you. With an in tumescent door seal and one layer of sheetrock you'll probably get 30 minutes protection in a house fire.
Two layers of 5/8" thick sheetrock with an in tumescent door seal will give you about 45 to 70 minutes in a house fire.