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ProSteelSecurityProductsLogoProSteel Security Products is a nationally recognized manufacturer of Browning ProSteel Gun Safes, and residential and commercial vault doors, security doors and tornado doors. With more than 15 patents and trademarks, ProSteel helps protect businesses, individuals, homes and valuables by providing innovative security solutions in our quality manufactured goods. People are securing firearms, jewelry, family keepsakes and vital documents in Browning ProSteel Safes and are protecting businesses, homes, and family members with ProSteel security, tornado and vault doors. Founded in 1947, ProSteel is headquartered in Provo, Utah.

There are many differences between a Browning ProSteel gun safe and the competition. And since buying a gun safe is a major investment, and since choosing the wrong gun safe can have dire consequences, we urge you to take the time to explore Browning's gun safe line-up and select the perfect safe for your needs. Browning ProSteel has over three decades of experience in creating the industry's leading gun safes and safe-related products. When you look closely you'll see that when all is said and done, you can trust a Browning ProSteel safe.

Available Factory Installed Features

DPX Storage System



One major difference between Browning ProSteel gun safes and the competition is our exclusive DPX Storage System. This patented system gives you the ability to store rifles, shotguns and pistols on the door where they are easy to access. You might think, and our competition would also like you to think, that adding the DPX gun rack to the door might decrease the overall amount of usable space for guns and valuables inside the safe. But you would be mistaken.

DPX Scope Saver - We've Outdone Ourselves. Again.



None can match the convenience, versatility or style of our patented DPX Storage System (U.S. patent #7,409,790) - except us. This revolutionary system gets even better with the New DPX Scope Saver™ (patent pending) found exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This new addition places the optics mounted on your long guns inside the space in the door. The Scope Saver protects scoped firearms from adjacent firearms and other contents in the safe, ensuring that time spent sighting-in isn't wasted. In addition, the space that would be taken up by a scope in a traditional safe is now freed up for another firearm. While other safes will store your guns, no other safe will protect them and keep them ready for you to use like a Browning ProSteel Safe.

DPX includes:

  • Long gun storage on the door back
  • A system of pouches and pockets to store small valuables on the door back
  • Two handgun loops to store handguns on the door back
  • The convertible Duo Interior system inside the safe with both shelves and long gun capacity.

Light Package


This integrated lighting package makes locating objects on shelves or identifying the right firearm convenient and easy. The two included halogen light modules are wired to a door activated switch and illuminate when the door is opened. Factory installation adds a seamless look with no exposed wiring. Optional on Medallion® and Silver™ Series safes. Standard on Platinum® Plus and Gold® Series safes.

Adjustable Shelving



Unlike shelves in other safes that are either fixed in position or only offer vertical adjustment, Axis shelves can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate nearly any size item while working around long guns. The new Axis All-Shelf comes standard on all Platinum Plus® and Gold® Series safes. It is also available as a factory installed option on Medallion® and Silver® Series safes.

The cantilevered design of the Axis Adjustable Shelving can be placed anywhere left or right along the horizontal axis. Shelving can also be combined to make one long shelf. A vertical track mounted to the back of the safe interior allows the horizontal rail to be repositioned up or down along the vertical axis.

Jewelry Box


The new Jewelry Box option makes storing and finding jewelry inside a safe much easier and more convenient. The elegant Jewelry Box conveniently holds jewelry and small items inside the safe in an organized, protected manner. Exterior is synthetic leather; interior is lined with jeweler's velvet. Mounted on half shelf below gun rack on most safe models. Optional on Gold®, Medallion® and Silver™ Series safes. Standard on Platinum® Plus Series safes.

Browning's Graphics are a beautiful and unique way to customize your gun safe. The detailed artestry and fine detail makes these graphics a must have addition to your gun safe. All scenes are available on the Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Silver and Select Series gun safes. The Bronze Series and the Sporter Series come standard with the Scroll Scene. The Tactical Series does not have a scene.

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