36X24X20  |  315 LBS.  |  8 BOLTS  |  INTERIOR - SHELVES & TRAYS

The DS10 Home Safe is constructed with heavy 11 gauge steel and manufactured with a continuous welded body, compared to safes that are spot welded at the seams.  Interior includes shelves and 3 Jewelry Trays.

The Dakota DS10 has a Roll Formed Door comprised of 11 gauge steel with a fire board insulation.  The door contains 3 sided active 1.25” locking bolts that are strengthened by anti-pry tabs in the corners. The exterior hinges offer the convenience of a full 180° door opening.

Not only are we tough on security but we take fire protection to the next level.  Your valuables are protected with a 1250°F 1 hr. 15 min. fire rating.  The door also features an expanding heat seal.

Additional Features:   Beige Interior, Powder Coat Finish, Chrome Hardware,
3 Spoke Handle & Slip Clutch.