I am speechless at the customer service and overall experience I had at Southland Safes. I had been looking for a safe for quite some time, set up room for it at my house and basically made the room to fit the safe for added security. I had in mind on getting an AmSec or a Graffunder but they were a little beyond my budget at the time and I soon realized I wasn”t trying to fight off professional safe crackers here. What I learned is that you pay for time. Obviously, 1″ steel bodies and 1 1/2″ doors and stuff is great but not everyone can pay for that, nor do you necessarily need to in all cases. if you live in a gated community then the change of you needing an $8000 Graffunder is pretty slim. If you have the money and want one by all means but you don”t necessarily need that. There is also the case where one needs to decide if a 3/8″ body is better than a 5/16″ body. Arguably yes, but how much better? we are talking about a difference of 1/16th of an inch. Do you really think that little bit of extra steel is going to make that much difference? It all goes back to buying time. It could but its probably going to be negligible. You have to ask yourself if that 1/16th of an inch is worth another $900 and so on. You have to think in terms of levels of security. Get yourself and alarm, make sure your neighbors are active, get a dog, get a safe etc. Not long before my trip to Southland Safes I had decided the Amsec was out for me and through my research I had found a Summit Safe that fit the bill and was much cheaper. However, after getting to Southland and seeing another model a step beneath the Summit I had settled on I realized the things I just posted above and figured I am not sure that need that much extra protection. The Summit I had gone for was no doubt a better safe than the one I got. It was apples to oranges, but once I thought about the waves I figured the slightly cheaper one would probably fit the bill better and save a little money. Its a personal decision one has to make. I can tell you that it may be a bit of a drive for you to get to Southland Safes but it is 100% worth your time. Mr. Rowe was very kind and took his time to explain the differences in his safes and helped me arrive at my decision. The visit was very informative but I can tell you the delivery was really something. They brought my safe to me, took extra care moving it into place into my newly renovated man cave. I was highly impressed with their professionalism. They do charge a bit for delivery and it was a little more than I was thinking it was going to be but it was worth every penny. If you are in the market for a new safe I highly recommend Mr. Rowe and his team. You will not be disappointed.