The people to deal with. This is my first safe. I looked at several other companies before going to Southland Safes. Would have save myself time and money if they had been my first stop. They have a large selection and talk to you like they want you to be a informed and happy buyer. I live almost 4 1/2 hours South of them but think the trip to them was well worth it. As a mater of fact I did not check their hours before I went as I was driving there I called them and found I would not make it until 30 mint after they would be closed. They were so nice to say come on we will wait for you. THANKS!! They can have your safe dropped shipped right to your door for a very fair fee. I chose to have them deliver mine as it was 1200 lbs. All I can say is this was not their first rodeo. They have the know how and the equipment to do the job RIGHT. They had to go up steps and across a tile floor. They laid down padding and metal runners so there was no problems. Set the safe where I wanted it made sure it was at the right angle so the door worked right explained all the do’s and don’ts. It was well worth the money to have them do this. If I ever buy another safe they will be my source!!